3M 6800 PF Powerflow Face-mounted Powered Air Purifying Respirator
The 3M Powerflow respirator is a lightweight, face-mounted Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR). It uses a single high efficiency filter for protection against dusts, mists, fumes and radionuclides, making it ideal for lead, asbestos and other hazardous particulates. ..The Powerflow System delivers a minimum of 4cfm when used with the filter. Self contained unit with battery worn on the waist. It uses the popular 6000 Series facepiece and its face shield meets impact and penetration requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2003.

The complete PAPR system includes:
  • Full facepiece DIN respirator;
  • Motor blower unit;
  • Battery pack;
  • Standard battery charger;
  • Flow meter;
  • Carry belt;
  • Power adaptor (240/110 V).
  • 6800 Din Full Face Piece
    Replacement Full Face Piece

    SP3 Hepa Filter
    High efficiency filter cartridge to be used with 3M PARP respirators.

    Motor Blower Assembly
    Replacement unit for 3M PARP respirators.

    Battery Charger
    Replacement unit for 3M PARP respirators.

    Battery Pack
    Replacement unit for 3M PARP respirators.

    Battery Belt
    Replacement unit for 3M PARP respirators.

    3M AURA 9332+
    Disposable valved respirator incorporating low breathing resistance

    Further Details:
    Advanced three-panel design with low breathing resistance filter technology
    Smooth inner cover-web and large soft nose foam for optimum comfort and easy communication
    Foldable and compact
    Compatible with other PPE
    3M Cool Flow™ exhalation valve for comfort in hot or humid environments
    Straps with even tension relieve facial pressure

    BOC Info:
    Protects against fine dust, aqueous mist, oil-based mist, fibres and metal fumes

    Approved To:
    EN149: 2001 FFP3 NR D Approval: CE Marked Assigned Protection Factor: 20